When consulting to a security force, among the factors to contemplate are personnel needs, the site to secure, the assets to protect, the people to protect, the surrounding community, and the demography. Our report to the client will also include recommendations of equipment necessary for the security force to be effective. The Draco Group will assess the physical security needs and develop training programs, operational procedures, and drills that meet those needs.

The Draco Group engages professionals with extensive anti-terror training and actual field experience. Our training methods and solutions are therefore the most current and effective. We therefore consult and train from corporate security and campus security through advanced law enforcement, SWAT teams, and advanced military and Special Forces applications. Draco also consults on specific missions, convoy protection, hostage scenarios and active shooter scenarios.

The Draco Group can help develop any training manuals, operations manuals and plans for any level of advanced training and security. The Draco Group will help design mission solutions for the toughest applications. For more information on how we can help you design the best team, the best training for that team, or the best solutions for your security requirements, contact us at The Draco Group.