Draco consults on the most effective security technologies considering cost, performance and benefit analyses.  We consult on integrating computer systems with that security technology.  Draco also consults on assessing cyber vulnerabilities and threats that can affect your IT systems as well as your physical assets.


Among the factors that The Draco Group considers when consulting on security technology requires an understanding of the nature of your facility, the importance of the assets, the threat to the immediate personnel and surrounding community upon the compromise of those assets, the and the likelihood and types of potential attacks.


System integration with current computer systems must also be considered.  New levels of security may be necessary along with changes or tiering of personnel access.  Physical access to key terminals may be part of a technical plan.


The Draco Group will help integrate the new technology, review tech security plans and make recommended changes as necessary.  Operational plans may need to be modified in the new tech environment.


The Draco Group also provides consulting on cyber security from review of current systems through implementation of new systems.  We always keep in mind the overall picture which includes site security, personnel and asset protection.


For more information regarding consulting for security technology solutions and cyber protection, contact us at The Draco Group.