The Draco Group conducts risk analyses and assessments across a broad spectrum of clients.  These clients can range from corporate, industrial, or institutional to law enforcement or military.  There are numerous factors to consider to before any analysis begins.  The actual site to be protected and the inherent attendant risks can vary depending on whether it is an infrastructure facility, a transportation hub, a sports arena, a munitions manufacturer, an embassy or high rise office building.  Vulnerabilities also differ on transportation modes such as airplanes, ships, buses, trains, trucks, passenger vehicles or military transport.  Accessibility is a factor when considering public or private environments such as arenas versus gated and fenced facilities.  Draco always considers the environment surrounding the area at risk, whether it is city, desert, mountains, water or forest.

Draco always conducts thorough investigations of all factors relevant to assessing vulnerability threats.  After identifying risks, Draco professionals will recommend specific improvements to mitigate those risks that are the subject of the analysis.  We will also address relevant tangential factors that may impact the area of concern.

Part of any analysis of risk is consideration of present security plans, operational procedures, crisis management plans and physical response capability and timing.  Draco will consult on reviewing existing plans and procedures and recommending needed changes.  We will assist through all levels of implementation.

One service that Draco offers is evaluation and testing existing plans.  Upon agreement with the client, we will attempt an actual clandestine breach of your security for a real time test of your response capabilities.  An analysis and report will follow.

Draco offers consulting services to law enforcement to test the soundness of field operational procedures in various scenarios.  We also offer mission analysis for military scenarios.

Our varied and deep experience permits us to consult on all levels of vulnerability analysis.  Please contact The Draco Group to speak to a professional about your particular needs.