Crisis planning and management involves responses to an actual breach of security.  A response can and will vary depending on differing sites.  The importance of the asset to the owner, as well as the risk of abuse of the asset to the surrounding community, can elicit varied responses.  The proximity of and danger to civilians must be considered.  Subway, train, bus and airplane scenarios each bring their attendant responses.  The client should have in place procedures to respond to the most likely methods of attack.  Of course, a different response to each may be warranted.

The Draco Group will review your present plan or devise a new plan from its inception.  Our professionals will consider all relevant and realistic scenarios and their responses.  We will provide a report and operational procedures for your team to follow.  This will include analysis and coordination with first responders.

As part of our consulting services, we can also offer real time testing of your team’s effectiveness and their response capabilities.  We can attempt an actual breach of security and simulate clandestine crises.  Upon completion, we will issue a report of weaknesses in your operational plan, your security personnel’s effectiveness, and recommended changes and improvements.  This service can be designed for any environment and any level of security.

For more information on our crisis planning and management consulting services, please contact us at The Draco Group.