FullSizeRender (2)A note from the founder

As our world continues to become increasingly dangerous and times become more uncertain, the need for security and preparedness is very real. DRACO GROUP brings a comprehensive approach to your institution and to your family. We believe that security is so much more than lifeless equipment and that, in fact, if you get trained, YOU are your most powerful asset. Our programs are tailored to our clientele to provide the best equipment, to establish highly effective protocols so that the equipment works efficiently within your environment, and to train you and your community to know how to take an active role in creating a safer and stronger society. DRACO GROUP methods are not theoretical and are based on proven results in some of the most challenging environments in the world. Our concept of security is born from a sacred calling to protect good in our world.


DRACO GROUP began in 2006 as a dedicated provider of elite security training and services. Our methodology was forged in the Israeli Special Operations community and this is the “no-nonsense” flavor we bring to the table. Our techniques are proven. We specialize in the recognition, mitigation, and defense against man-made threats to human life, property, and assets – everything you hold dear.

The DRACO GROUP team is composed of specialists from military Special Operations, Law Enforcement, and government agencies, with extensive field experience. DRACO GROUP is based in Atlanta, GA and our experts and Georgia POST certified instructors provide services internationally to military & Law Enforcement, corporate entities, and community organizations alike.


DRACO GROUP’s mission is to empower individuals and institutions to be active participants in their own safety and security. Our overarching security concept was best articulated by the first Prime Minister of the State of Israel, David Ben Gurion when he said,

“כל חייל חייב לראות את עצמו, כאילו בו לבדו תלוי גורל המערכה כולה”

This loosely means,

“Each of you must see yourselves as if the fate of the world rests on your shoulders alone.” 

The fate of the world rests on YOUR shoulders alone. Be prepared to take on that responsibility.

– Ariel Siegelman, President, DRACO GROUP